Top tips when buying a period property

Think carefully

Period homes offer beautiful and unique features and a wealth of character and charm.

However, maintaining or restoring an old house can sometimes be a time-consuming and costly process.

It’s important to think carefully before you invest in a period property, so take time to consider these essential elements to ensure you get the very best from your buy.

Buying a piece of history

We’re often buying a piece of history when we purchase a Period Home and as such, are merely stewards in its life, tasked with its upkeep and repair in order to retain the character and charm for future generations.

Is this a listed building and are any parts attached to it also listed?

Are you going to get Listed Building Consent should you wish to make any alterations to the structure or layout?

Does the building have any particular structural concerns, wall ties, ancient rights of way or restrictive obligations or covenants?

Have all works carried out by previous owners been done to the correct standard and do they have Local Authority approval, with the correct paperwork available?

Does the property have leaded or mullioned windows, or other key listed features that may require specific maintenance over time?

Are there any potential access limitations, narrow staircases or door frames, or low ceilings, which mean certain furniture may not always fit ?

Do I need a specialist RICS survey carried out in addition to a mortgage survey?

Am I prepared to overlook some of the quirks or charms of the property rather than try to make it fit my modern requirements?

Is there any difficultly obtaining building or contents insurance? Do I need a specialist insurer, ie for thatched cottages.

Have I got the time and budget to both maintain and enjoy my new home?